Hackathon was Amazing! Continues On

We were all just hacking away, when the clock turned nine. Getting started, we ran into some early setbacks. But you know, set backs are to be expected. Then we were moving along, content was coming together nicely with the Corrales International School. There were a few developers in on the discussion, as well as a few designers – in addition to marketers and content creators – collecting an understanding of the school’s needs and desires. Then the concepts started to come together. The concepts were considered, hashed out among the designers and developers. CIS chose a theme to start with, it was the best option. It was starting to look like the website we all wanted to hack.

Once we started getting into the parts where everyone was feeling more familiar, the clock struck nine.

With one hour left, it was constant, the code pouring out, like the rain outside. Web designers were connected and began customizing the theme, implementing the color schemes, artwork for the sliders and an updated logo created by the designers. The developers were defining roles for the teachers and custom post types. Content creators were building menus and filling in beautifully curated and edited copy. These parts were coming together.

The clock struck 10. Now we wait, until the presentation and discussion at 11:00 AM on Sunday.

Hackathon participants, be at the convention center at 9:00 AM to tweak the website. 11 AM for the presentation.

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