Alison Barrett

Code Wrangler, Automattic
You, Too, Can Write a Plugin
Developer track
I’ve been using WordPress to build custom websites since 2008, and I’ve developed a handful of plugins in the WordPress.org repository. Since 2012 I’ve worked for Automattic, writing code for WordPress.com and our internal sites.

Anna Doo

Owner, Lei Lani Design Studio
Choose and Modify a Theme with the End User in Mind
Designer track
I’ve been using WP to build websites for about three years. Have a background in website design with some coding experience. I’ve built more than a half dozen sites using WP as the CMS but totally tweaking the CSS to create the best user experience I can for my clients. I’ve taught website design, website 101 and some other web design classes around NM over the past 18 months.

Brooks Walch

Hacking his way through Albuquerque since 2009.

Chad Person

Creative Director, @Pay
Clean eCommerce Solutions for the Responsive Web
Designer track
Chad is a designer and front-end developer with 7+ years of WordPress experience. He currently leads the Creative and Marketing team at local financial start up @Pay. See more at: www.atpay.com and chadperson.com

Daryl L. L. Houston

Happiness Gardener, Automattic
Anatomy of a VIP Code Review
Developer track
I work for Automattic, providing developer support for the wordpress.com support team. I know less about WordPress than you’d think. 😉

Drew Jaynes

Web Engineer, 10up
There’s a Filter for That
Developer track
I’ve been a full-time WordPress developer and designer since 2008 and PHP developer for 10 years. In 2010, I took a much more active role in the WordPress community, contributing to core and the support and docs teams. I worked on auto-complete in 3.4 and served as backup lead for the nav menus refresh in the upcoming 3.6 release.

Elizabeth Urello

Happiness Engineer, Automattic
Strategy for Traffic Building for Beginning Bloggers (How to Win Friends and Avoid Making Enemies)
Publisher/User track
I’m a Happiness Engineer for Automattic and I write posts about blogging etiquette, traffic building, and WordPress.com features for The Daily Post and the WordPress.com blog.

Eric Renz-Whitmore

Director, New Mexico Technical Council
Keynote Speaker
Eric has a long track record of gathering resources and creating opportunities to bring people and groups together, as well as developing systems to make activities and programs more efficient. Beginning in 2004, he became involved in the state’s “Media Industries Strategy Project” (MISP) leading several efforts to build community, encourage business and cluster development. Since leaving the ARTS Lab he has worked to enhance economic development efforts throughout New Mexico, focusing on strengthening the technology business community as Executive Director of the New Mexico Technology Council.

Jamii Corley

Vice President, Southwest Cyberport
Newbie Session: A short, hands-on introduction to WordPress
Newbie Track
As a User/Designer, I’ve built our (SWCP’s) website and several customer websites using WordPress. As a developer, I’ve built a directory plugin for the SWCP main site, and a must-use plugin to bridge a legacy authentication system with WordPress.

Jenifer De La Garza

My name is Jenifer De La Garza. I am one of two original co-founders of the Albuquerque WordPress Meetup Group and one of two primary organizers of Albuquerque’s first WordCamp in 2011. I opened my virtual assistance company, Administrative Support Group, in 2006. I’ve been working on WordPress websites for my clients since 2008, when I started by designing my own business website using WordPress.

I love children; I have six of my own. I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge at the WordPress for Kids session at WordCamp 2013.

Karen Arnold

Happiness Engineer, Automattic
Happiness Bar
Karen Arnold (pronounced Car-en) and her husband, 4 children, 4 cats, and approximately 10 chickens, live in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico. When she isn’t engineering happiness at WordPress.com, she helps her husband homeschool their energetic kiddos, tries to blog regularly, and brainstorms ways to meet every WordPress user in New Mexico.

Kevin Donnigan

Designer, @Pay
Clean eCommerce Solutions for the Responsive Web
Designer track
Kevin is an award-winning designer and front end developer specializing in WordPress development, design, building custom themes, as well as implementing e-commerce web solutions and SEO. See more at anythinggraphic.net

Keya Horiuchi

Designer, Ideas and Coffee, CoWorking Space
WordPress and Mapping
Designer track
I’ve been using WordPress as a user/designer since first stumbling upon it in 2006.

Kristelle Siarza

Online Account Executive, The Garrity Group PR
Integrating Online Communications with WordPress
Publisher/User track
Currently, I am a user/designer, using well developed themes and incorporating them into organizational communication goals. I have been maintaining and managing websites of multiple CMS systems and have two WordPress websites live.

Lauren MacEwen

CEO, SM Cubed Consulting
Blast Off Your Blog with Social Media!
Publisher/User track
Lauren MacEwen is a social media strategist, blogger and speaker on social media topics. She has a BA from Smith College and an MBA from ASU. Having a passion for social media and technology, Lauren has worked with non-profits and business’ to create highly effective and award winning social marketing campaigns. She is a guest blogger on top industry blogs such as Technorati and Blogher in social marketing technology, business development and politics.

Mark Casias

Software Engineer, New Signature
Panelist: Developer Diversity: The Mars/Venus Thing and WordPress
Mark has been creating and maintaining dynamic web-based tools and applications for over 15 years. He has created website platforms using a variety of platforms including Drupal, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, CodeIgniter, and ColdFusion.
Through his company projects he has created various private WordPress Plugins and Themes. Mark is also a core contributor to the Drupal project and maintains multiple, high profile contributed modules.
Mark is very active in the New Mexico Web community. He also hosts a local podcast (dukecitytech.com) and manages a web presentation group (httq.org).

Mark Costlow

President, Southwest Cyberport
DNS and WordPress Website Migration
Designer track
Southwest Cyberport is a web host specializing in WordPress hosting.

Mark Hudnall

CTO, Clef
Anatomy of a WordPress Hack
Developer Track
I am a developer with extensive experience building web applications with and without WordPress. I currently lead all mobile development and security operations at Clef.

Melissa J. White

Owner, Blogshop World
SEO for WordPress Sites: How To Find and Implement a Sweet Strategy for Getting Noticed
Publisher/User track
Melissa is the owner of BlogshopWorld.com, and presenter of  Blogshop Weekend™. She was the Blog Editor for the Santa Fe Film Festival 2011 & 2012, and creates custom WordPress websites on the Genesis framework for a variety of clients. In August of 2013, Melissa will be launching ArtGothic.com, built around one keyword phrase: Gothic Art.

Oban Lambie

Sys Admin/Developer, Brownrice Internet
Hacked! How they hack it and how you clean it
Developer Track
Oban has been hosting WordPress sites – and using WordPress himself (http://blog.brownrice.com) – since the early days. He and his staff love it, routinely install it for customers, fix it when it breaks, and clean it when it becomes soiled with dirty hackers.

Ray Gulick

Principal, Evo Web Development
Making the Leap from Designer to Designer/Developer
Designer track
In business since 2000, Evo focuses on WordPress as a CMS platform for business and professional organization websites. Gulick discovered WordPress in 2008, when he “just wanted a blog.” Soon after, Evo shifted to “all WordPress, all the time.”

Robert “Bob” De Young

Managing Partner, Blue Lotus Works, LLC
Organizing the WordPress Backoffice: Eight Plugins that Help!
Publisher/User Track
Blue Lotus Works consultants have backgrounds as accounting, compliance, finance and hospitality management executives. Bob has been a web site designer/developer since 1998 and has used WordPress since 2007. He has specific interests in web site optimization and hardening, white hat SEO and social media presence.

Russell Aaron

Developer, Geek Street WP
Think Before You Install – A Call to Action
Designer Track
I am a developer, and I run my own Managed WordPress Support site. We support WordPress. Our Geeks are here to help you take back the control of your site, and learn how WordPress works.

Suzette Franck

WordPress Evangelist, Media Temple
Avoiding Scope Creep by Writing a Proper Statement of Work
Developer track
I have been a user, designer, but I am mostly a developer, speaker, and teacher.

Tim Anderson

Owner, Cygnet Press
Online Newsletters: Challenges and Benefits
Publisher/User track
Tim Anderson is the publisher/editor of Red Dog News, a photography based e-newsletter in its fifth year, that now goes out to more than 5,000 bi-monthly subscribers from more than 100 countries. He currently manages five WP sites and assists artists in putting their stamp on the Internet cyber-universe. Not knowing all the answers, he knows where to go to get the answers he seeks to the questions he asks.

Virginia DeBolt

Panelist: Developer Diversity: The Mars/Venus Thing and WordPress

I’m a longtime WordPress user. I have a 12 year old blog at Web Teacher (webteacher.ws), a wordpress.com blog (first50.wordpress.com) , and I just started another self-hosted blog called Old Ain’t Dead (oldaintdead.com). I’m a web educator and web standards curriculum advocate. I’ve written books about HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver.

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